ECU Remapping & Exhaust

ECU Remapping Title

ECU remapping refers to replacing your original factory map setting to a custom tuned version.
When remapping & fitting an exhaust system to your vehicle you will gain benefits in power, torque by up to 35% and gaining fuel economy by up to 10%.

The benefits of a ECU remap and exhaust include:

  • • More power.
  • • Better fuel economy.
  • • Greater torque.
  • • Enhanced, sharper throttle response.
  • • Smoother, more progressive delivery of power.

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For a period of 5 years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser, Roo Systems warrants that for this product, directly from Roo Systems and used in normal conditions:

(A) Damage to a vehicle; and
(B) Your vehicle’s driveline

that occurs during the warranty period and is a direct proven result of the Roo Systems ECM tune product. For the purposes of this clause, engine and driveline are defined as engine and transmission components excluding any attached ancillaries which may or may not be attached.

(c) all work done will be free from defects performing the tuning service:

What is not covered:
This warranty does not cover:

(ii) Vehicles that are not maintained to the vehicles manufactures specified service & maintenance schedule.

Question: Will it void your factory warranty?

No, this will not void your factory warranty because nothing we do exceeds the manufacturers limits within their ECU. We work within these limits to unlock the potential of your engine.

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